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Maylandlea Gun Dogs of Durham

Harry is a Chartered Surveyor who has enjoyed shooting and fishing since a small boy spending many summers on the banks of the river Swale in Richmond North Yorkshire. He learned his field craft and love of the countryside from his father and his wonderful experiences on Reeth moors under Jack Marwood, the Head Keeper for Major Martineau. He was taught the ecology and life cycle of heather and that most wonderful of game birds, the Red Grouse. It was here that he was inspired to become involved with the working Labrador. Firstly by Joe Ward one of the finest men with a dog he has witnessed, on a par with Jack Burrows who he met on Lord Allendale's Grouse Moors in Northumberland when loading as a young man on this, the most prestigious of Grouse moors.

No need for great numbers of dogs in the picking up line, Joe worked two Labradors, a black and a yellow bitch, wonderful. Of Jack Burrows who taught him that to be fair to your dog on the Grouse, they had to be fit, biking them on the road in the early summer months leading up to the Grouse season was a prerequisite. It was Jack Burrows who inspired Harry to develop a lasting line of gundog, using the best of stud dogs not fearing the travel distances involved.

Through Douglas Johnson the former Head Game Keeper for Lord Allendale, he was introduced to Godfrey who has become a life long friend. Godfrey has had some delightful gundogs over the years; Mint was the first that he can recollect, quiet unassuming and utterly brilliant (a bit like his owner), a fabulous Labrador, Muff his little English Springer that turned summersaults and latterly a little black cocker dog Jet, who he acquired from a certain Harry Hawksby, that has proved to be one of the most testing of all to train and yet has become one of the best game finders he has ever owned. Godfrey a quiet unassuming man, skilful and kind with a dog a real country man and a rat catcher at heart.

The start of the Maylandlea Gundogs came from Charlie Barron; in the form of a little black Labrador dog Hurstwood Brook by John Halsteads Westead Shot of Drakeshead, out of Charlie's wonderful Labrador Wheatrig Bell, what a delight.

We acquired Maylands Gem from Tom Ramsay who held the Wheatrig affix, in 1985. Brook and Gem two nicer working Labradors it would be difficult to find were the foundation of the Maylandlea Labrador Gundogs. We are now into the fifth generation of this blood line. The legacy lives through Bonnie who we hope, at the date of constructing this wed site, is in pup, to FTCh Adoraden Quinn, the last in the line.

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I would like to pay tribute to my father.

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